Bamboo: A traditional range of office
stationery and paper storage products
designed for richness and warmth
Range shown: Natural Bamboo

Natural bamboo.

Bamboo wood is a natural resource that provides a beautiful wood aesthetic despite actually being made from a grass.

Using bamboo was an easy choice for our range due to its ecologically friendly nature; the plant itself can be re-grown to full maturity in a fraction of time that it would take a hardwood tree to mature.


Uniquely strong and durable.

Bamboo wood is a strong, lightweight and durable material which unlike other solid wooden products also benefits from being impervious to warping or shrinking which is typically caused by fluctuating conditions affecting temperature and moisture levels.


Designed for warmth and richness.

The grain of bamboo is a uniquely lined pattern that offers a warm and rich appearance.

Produced in traditional desk furniture styles, the Bamboo range is popular for home offices and business applications alike.

Affordable style.

Bamboo is a highly versatile and shapeable wood-like material that offers the look, feel and style of a wooden product but at an affordable price and at a lower ecological cost.

Designed exclusively in the UK.

From our design studio based in the UK, we’ve researched and designed our products to appeal to a broad and discerning range of customers.

The Bamboo range offers a small selection of highly functional matching products that make beautiful office storage as easy as one two three.

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Bespoke design is a speciality.

We regularly work with a variety of our retail partners to design bespoke products for resale in the UK and abroad.

Any of our product ranges can be tailored to specific customer requirements so if you have an idea for a bespoke project, we will be very pleased to work with you.


Natural style

Bamboo’s unique grain and warm woody tones provide a traditional and homely feel.

British design

The Bamboo range design has evolved to offer highly functional products that are used by thousands every day.

Quality manufacturing

Using bamboo, which is harder than oak, our range is manufactured to produce robust products that will stand the test of time.

Bespoke design options

If you have an idea for a bespoke project, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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